Good Comics Reader Vol. 2


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The now out-of-print first edition of the ​Good Comics Reader​ showcased the huge range of talent among artists and authors we’ve published, giving them space to share short stories in a unique riso-printed anthology.

To continue to represent all the brilliant people who are part of the Good Comics community, we’ve put together a second edition of the ​Reader​, with a twist: it’s an A6 book that fits right in your pocket, and every short story begins with ‘It was a dark and stormy night…’

Featuring comics from Kristen Haas Curtis, Mathilde Tollec, Gareth A. Hopkins, Maria Fowler, Olivia Hicks, Claire Spiller, Olivia Sullivan, Peter Wilkins, Paddy Johnston & Sam Williams, Josh Hicks, Bridget Hathaway and Rozi Hathaway.

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44 pages

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