3×23: Claire Spiller

Can you sum up your work in 3 words?

Wildlife, Empathy, Learning

What comics plans do you have for 2023?

I’ve gotten pretty deep into making non-fiction informative zines, the ‘A Guide To’ series, about different wildlife so comics have taken a step back for the moment. It really appeals to my inner child, getting to do deep research into an animal and figure out how to relay that information in a way that’s fun, creative and genuinely engaging.

I’m laying the groundwork for a new comic project that I’m hoping will be my biggest, most ambitious and personal story yet. I’m still feeling out the story beats but I just did a very exciting research trip to Postojna Caves for it. 

Up to anything else exciting this year?

I just released a bunch of amphibian-themed goodies in my shop including A Pocket Guide to Amphibians mini-zine as well as some super cute pins and stickers. I’m aiming to make A Guide to Owls and maybe, if things go to plan, A Guide to Pigeons might come out towards the end of the year. Between zines I have some other bits and pieces of wildlife art planned and will, of course, be continuing to develop my next comic.


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