Thousand Oaks by Pip Craighead & Ashton Trujillo


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Thousand Oaks is an atmospheric short story set in the summer of 1988. Let us take you into the heart of a sprawling American suburb as unforeseen events change the life of one family – and use the accompanying original soundtrack to fully submerse yourself.

Pip Craighead is a writer and illustrator from Portland, Oregon and Ashton Trujillo is a cartoonist and graphic designer living in LA. They work on books together under the small-press publishing name Diorama Books.

We’re thrilled to be distributing two of their books here in the UK: Star Patrol 1998 and Thousand Oaks. Check out Star Patrol 1998 here!

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7 x 5" (17.8×12.7 cm)


Black and white


20 pages

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