-NEW- The Land of Uncertainty by Hatiye Garip (Physical and Audio Bundle)


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This page is for the physical book and audio comic bundle. If you’d like to buy just the audio comic, click here.

The Land of Uncertainty is a poetic and accessible comic book by Turkish artist Hatiye Garip.

A beautifully illustrated poem about nature, the unvisited lands, and life’s unexpected twists and turns weave its way through a series of abstract images in this unique comic book. In a first for Good Comics, the book makes use of tactile printing, with its images providing a sensory experience that brings the poetry and imagery of the book to life for blind and low-vision readers.

In addition to the tactile book, we’ve also created the first ever Good Comics audio comic! Produced by our very own Paddy Johnston, the audio version features Paddy describing the book’s contents in poetic detail along with Áine Kelly-Costello providing a reading of the book’s poem and text contents, with background music by Paddy and ambient sounds recorded by Hatiye adding texture and life to the recording. Last but not least, transcripts also accompany the audio comic. 

The book was funded by an award from San Francisco State University’s Accessible Comics Collective, without which it would not have been possible to produce a tactile book and an audio comic bundle.

Listen to a sample of the audio comic:

Book text narrated by Áine Kelly-Costello
Descriptions narrated by Paddy Johnston
Field recordings captured by Hatiye Garip
Audio version, including ambient music, produced by Paddy Johnston

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